Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

TRACK 1‐ CONTROL & AUTOMATION: Adaptive Control, Automation, Bond graph, Control Applications, Control Design Methods, Control Theory, Diagnosis, Discrete Event Systems, Embedded Systems, Energy Control and Power Systems, Fault Detection, Fault-tolerant Control, Hybrid Systems, Intelligent Control, Linear Systems, Man-machine Interactions, Manufacturing System Control, Monitoring and Supervision, Non-linear Systems, Petri Nets, Predictive control, Process control, Sensors, Instrumentation and Actuators, Signal Processing, System Identification, Robotics,...

TRACK 2‐ DECISION & OPTIMIZATION: Applied Optimization, Combinatorial Optimization, Computer Assisted Optimization, Data envelopment analysis, Graphs and Networks, Operational Research, Reliability, Scheduling, Supply Chain management, Transport Optimization, Forecasting, Game Theory, Intelligent Systems, Maintenance, Modeling & Simulation, Multi-Objective Optimization, Nonlinear Optimization, Production Engineering, Stochastic Optimization.

TRACK 3‐ INFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES & COMPUTER SCIENCE: Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Computational Intelligence, Data Mining, Hardware Engineering, Design for Eectronic circuits and systems, Image Processing,  Information Theory, Information Systems, Internet & Cloud Computing, Learning Systems, Man‐Machine Interactions, Mobile & Wireless Communications, Parallel and Distributed Computing, Smart Grids, Software Engineering, Sensors and instrumentation, Theoretical Computer Science, Telecommunication applications.

The main fields of applications are:

Manufacturing systems, Industrial processes, Robotics, Biomedical applications, Transportation systems, Renewable energy systems, Distributed systems, Supply chain management, Telecommunication, Information Technology, Software engineering, Service systems, Technology in Education, Applications in Health Care, …

Also theoretical studies will be considered